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Exclusive Titan Member Event
FBA.Live is...
By Sellers
Where You Are Shown The Cutting Edge Strategies For Scaling Past Multi 7-figures & Positioning Yourself For A Multi-Million Dollar Exit By Elite ACTIVE Sellers
November 1st-2nd 2022
Hyatt Regency | Austin, Texas
By Sellers
Where You Are Shown The Cutting Edge Strategies For Scaling Past Multi 7-figures & Positioning Yourself For A Multi-Million Dollar Exit By Elite ACTIVE Sellers
The fastest, easiest and most effective way to scale your Amazon Business is to learn directly from the Sellers who are out performing in today’s market with their strategies, tactics, and unique insights.
The only event where you leave with a full stack strategy for scaling your Amazon Business to multi 7-figures despite skyrocketing costs, shrinking profit margins and the new “rules” of growth on Amazon.
Your roadmap to multi 7-figures and a multi-million dollar exit has changed significantly.

Old growth hack style tactics like search-find-buy, rebates, and keyword links are out. And the message from Amazon is clear…

You need to get more sophisticated with your marketing if you want to cash in on the opportunities you have in front of you.

Which means you need to know what strategies are working right now and what your path to a multi-million dollar exit looks like in this new landscape.
The industry leaders attending our FBA LIVE event this year will be revealing…
  • Cutting edge sales & marketing strategies which boost your organic rank, sales, revenue and profits by optimizing key areas such as your PPC Campaigns, Listings, & Brand Content.
  • ​How to pull the 3 biggest levers for growth on Amazon in 2022 which also set you up for long term success
  • The exact methods multi 7-figure & 8-figure Sellers are using right now to position their brands for multi-million dollar exits
  • The new roadmap for navigating the most sophisticated, competitive, and expensive Amazon Seller market there’s ever been.
A Motivational Speech & A Life Story Won’t Scale Your Amazon Business…
Learning Strategies & Tactics From Industry Leading ACTIVE Sellers Will.
Listen to what Sellers who have experienced FBA LIVE
said about the impact of the event…
IMPORTANT: Due to the exclusive nature and the value being taught there will be NO event recording.
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Most industry events put you in a lifeless conference room...
...with Service Providers delivering poorly disguised sales pitches from the stage.

And speakers who stopped selling on Amazon 5 years ago to become full time “mentors” (read; influencers) sharing outdated information which has zero relevance or application to the current state of selling on Amazon.

It’s the same line up at every event and the same recycled content during every presentation.
But you went to a lot of effort and expense to be in the room so you sit there notebook in hand and give each speaker your full attention.

Then you try to implement what you’ve learned and quickly realise a bunch of essential information was missed out and any actionable tactics you were given stopped working 2 years ago.

This is not what you need to reach the heights of running a multi 7-figure Amazon Business that’s on track for a multi million dollar exit in the next 3-5 years.

You need current, potent, proven, and profitable strategies for scaling your Amazon Business in today’s market.
FBA LIVE is where you learn from and network with Sellers who are currently running multi 7-figure and 8-figure Amazon Business AND have successfully secured multi million dollar exits in the past 3 years.

They know the challenges you’re facing in all areas of your business from PPC & Brand Content to Sourcing & Building your own team.

And they’ll spare no details in revealing the strategies and tactics they’ve used to scale their businesses as well as the mistakes they’ve made along the way.
Imagine taking in the latest cutting edge strategies from Industry Leaders then sharing drinks with the very same people round the fire pit later that night (more on the fire pit below)?

Think how refreshing, motivating and uplifting it’ll be to spend time with your peers who don’t need you to explain what an Amazon Seller is or the goals you have for your business because they just get it.

And think about how every single essential ingredient for your success, from your knowledge to your mindset, will reach another level from being immersed in this environment.

An environment filled with the highest calibre of people who also happen to be friendly, approachable, and wired to help you succeed.
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Speaking of the people you’ll be surrounded by, here’s who you’ll be learning from and rubbing shoulders with over the 2 day event.
Dan Ashburn
Co- Founder of Titan Network and China Magic
Athena Severi
Co- Founder of Titan Network and China Magic
Justin Dyson
7 Figure Seller
(and recent exit)
Brendan Pettit
7 Figure Seller
PPC Expert
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker
What Will You Experience When You Join Us In Austin, Texas For FBA LIVE?
How To Launch, Scale & Exit In 2023
  • You will be learning directly from industry leaders who will be walking you through the exact strategies, tactics, and frameworks they use to generate their success on Amazon
  • You’ll be shown how to launch new products and re-launch existing ones to maximize sales as well as how to execute a “re-launch” of specific areas of your business using new frameworks and structures which are built to scale FAST in 2022.
  • You’ll have Sellers show you how to scale through all the landmark revenue milestones from $100k per month to $500k per month and beyond while building your team and methodically removing yourself from the daily operations of your business.
  • ​And you’ll finally be shown the multi million dollar exit roadmap where you make your business irresistible to the big investors and aggregators in the space AND ensure you maintain leverage to get the biggest deal possible.
Everything you learn will be complimentary so you leave with an end-to-end strategy for scaling your business towards a multi million dollar exit in the next 3-5 years. No contradictory information, no surface level info you can find on YouTube, no sales pitches from the stage.

Just unfiltered high level strategies from Sellers at the cutting edge of our industry.
Inspiring Proof Of What You Can Achieve
Being surrounded by a mix of industry leaders and peers at various stages of the Seller journey fills you with a different kind of energy and levels up your mindset.

It’s one thing listening to people talk on stage.

But talking shop with those people in a relaxed, inclusive and fun environment where you get to pick their brains and connect with them on a deeper level leads to entirely new levels of growth, ambition and determination.

The strategies, tactics, and proven methods for success are the practical things you need to make your dreams a reality.

But seeing what’s possible and being around like minded, growth focused individuals who turn your goals into crystal clear HD destinations is just as important.
The Titan Networking Experience 
We believe networking should be done in a fun and relaxed way where conversation flows easily and you feel at ease among your kind of people.

At FBA LIVE 2022 you’ll be able to grab a drink and cop a squat around the firepit where you’ll have some of the most memorable and impactful conversations of the year.

Just imagine heading down to the bar after a day of mind blowing presentations and shooting the breeze with other Amazon Sellers on everything from what your business goals are to the story of your Seller journey so far.

When you’re surrounded by other Sellers who completely understand your goals, challenges and choices you’ll find the conversation flows, your shoulders relax, and you have the best time with people who become friends for life.
REMEMBER: Due to the exclusive nature and the value being taught there will be NO event recording 
Register for the waitlist to learn from 8 and 9 figure Amazon leaders
Unlike a traditional “conference,” this 2-day deep dive experience is going to be jam-packed with ultra-valuable strategies you can implement right away.
We cut through the noise and teach you the latest, proven strategies that top Amazon sellers are using right now to optimize conversion, boost ranking, and maximize profits.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge to outshine, outrank, and outsell competing products, then this event will give you the unfair advantage you’re looking for!

Or if you’re trying to break through the Amazon ceiling and take your business to 7,8 or even 9 figures then this is the place to be.
You’ll discover the key strategies you need to make off-the-charts sales and ride the “sales-wave” all the way through 2022 and beyond.
PLUS you’ll learn how to quickly and easily navigate all the common challenges that sellers are facing right now, such as rising costs, increased competitiveness, and the ongoing shipping crises.

And you’ll be learning it all from 8 and 9 figure Titans of Amazon.

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort And Spa, Austin, Texas.
208 Barton Springs, Austin, Texas, 78704
Register for the waitlist to learn from 8 and 9 figure Amazon leaders
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Welcome Cocktails
Date TBA
8AM - 10AM
Breakfast & Energize
9AM - 4PM
Keynote Speakers
7PM - 10PM
Dinner & Cocktail Networking
Date TBA
8AM - 10AM
Breakfast & Energize
10AM - 5PM
Keynote Speakers
7PM - 10PM
Dinner & Speeches
Estefan’s Kitchen in Orlando
We believe networking should be done in a fun and relaxed way…

Because strong friendships are best made when having fun.

Connections with like-minded sellers and the industry experts YOU need to meet. Those working at your current level, and others who will help you level up to theirs.

We don’t just want you to meet in the conference room…

We want you to share a beer and eat fine food with your newly-acquainted business partners.

So we’re promising fine-dining, extravagant cocktails, and luxury accommodation throughout.

This is the Met Gala and Super Bowl of Amazon networking events.

No half measures and no expenses spared.
What People Are Saying About Our Events
Register for the waitlist to learn from 8 and 9 figure Amazon leaders

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This Event provides valuable resources and training for Amazon Sellers. Titan Network makes no claims or representations that attending this event will automatically launch your product for you. It is up to you to implement the steps and create your own success. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Titan Network. your business experience may vary based upon the effort and education of your business's employees,  management and the market forces beyond anyone's control.