November 8th-9th 2021, Orlando Florida
Learn From and Network With
Industry-Leading Sellers and Experts
Join us in Orlando to discover the latest strategies to launch, scale, and exit your business WITH the biggest industry-leading Sellers and Experts
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FBA Live is a no-fluff, tangible, and highly actionable event to help you launch, scale, and exit your Amazon business.
Unlike a traditional “conference,” this 2-day deep dive experience is going to be jam-packed with ultra-valuable strategies you can implement right away.

We cut through the noise and teach you the latest, proven strategies that top Amazon sellers are using right now to optimize conversion, boost ranking, and maximize profits.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge to outshine, outrank, and outsell competing products, then this event will give you the unfair advantage you’re looking for!

Or if you’re trying to break through the Amazon ceiling and take your business to 7,8 or even 9 figures then this is the place to be.

You’ll meet a tribe of like-minded sellers ready to bring their Amazon businesses to new heights. Together, you will discover the key strategies you need to make off-the-charts sales and ride the “sales-wave” all the way through 2022 and beyond.

PLUS you’ll learn how to quickly and easily navigate all the common challenges sellers, like you, are facing right now, such as rising costs, increased competitiveness, and the ongoing shipping crises.
And you’ll be learning it all from, and networking with 7, 8, and 9 figure Sellers and Experts.
But the content is ONLY half the equation
Because, at Titan, we believe Your Net Worth = Your Network
Events that will level up your business requires 3 things: networking, collaborating, and "conversations in the corridors".

FBA Live gives you this, and more, with 7, 8, and 9 figure Amazon leaders as well as other attendees...
Because we are a community and TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.
One of our core values is togetherness.

We share our combined wisdom and knowledge that we’ve gained over the past decade so that we can grow YOUR business FAST together.

And this event will be no different…

You will have direct and unfettered access to multi-7, 8 and 9 figure Amazon behemoths who have been there and done that and are now showing you how to do the same.

Not just Titan Leaders but the biggest names and brightest minds in the industry.
Elite Sellers.
And unlike standard corporate conferences, where experts are cordoned off like celebrities...

You’ll literally be rubbing shoulders with them at incredible, world-famous restaurants, at the bar, and in the corridors.

Picking their brains and soaking up their Amazon wisdom.

Going away and discussing this advice with your new community of like-minded sellers in your phase of business…

Then finding new questions to ask the Amazon elite the next day.

Because these Amazon giants are not there for peacocking or gloating about their success ...

They’re there to take you to the next level.
Better, stronger, and more profitable TOGETHER.
The vibe will be one of positivity, collaboration, partnership-forming, and wisdom-sharing.
Your vibe attracts your tribe
This event is for those committed to growth…

Sellers who want to share their experiences and insights…

Sellers who want to build a community of serious sellers around them...

Sellers who want to connect and build life-long business relationships.

Sellers who want to take part in the experience of a FBA LIVE event and bring this motivation forward into their businesses.

Because this is what FBA LIVE is all about …
A community of Sellers who are there to launch, scale and exit together
So not only is this event about discovering proven, repeatable strategies to skyrocket profitability…

Cutting through the noise and learning the REAL strategies that breed 7 and 8 figure Amazon businesses in 2021...

It’s also about forming strategic partnerships and opening doors for your business

Badass comradery, mentors, family, connections, friendships. This is what FBA Live is all about.

You’ll not only get this from each and every other attendee...

But from our industry experts ready to break the mould and explain the real secrets to growth on Amazon. Let’s meet them.
Margaritaville Resort Orlando, 8000 Fins Up Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34747
November 7th 2021
Welcome Reception at
Margarita Ville
Dinner at Rock & Brews
November 8th 2021
8AM - 10AM
Breakfast & Energize
10AM - 5PM
Keynote Speakers
7PM - 10PM
Dinner & Networking
November 9th 2021
8AM - 10AM
Breakfast & Energize
10AM - 5PM
Keynote Speakers
7PM - 10PM
Dinner & Networking
Dan Ashburn
8-Figure Seller
Co- Founder of Titan Network and China Magic
Athena Severi
Co- Founder of Titan Network and China Magic
Kian Golzari
Sourcing Expert
CEO Titan Sourcing
Justin Dyson
7 Figure Seller
(and recent exit)
Titan Network Leader
Mike McClary
7 Figure Seller
Chief Product Officer & Zoof
Michelle Barnum Smith
Chatbot Expert
Founder EasyBot
Casey Gauss
Launch Expert
VP Thrasio
Chelsea Cohen
Inventory Management
Founder SoStocked
Scott Deetz
Corporate Development
Co-Founder Northbound
Yael Cabilly
E-Commerce Law
Founder Cabilly & Co
Joshua Gebhardt
Co-founder, CEO
Tyler Gregg
Ops Director
Anthony Cofrancesco
Conversion Expert
Lyden Smithers
8 Figure Seller
Titan Network Leader
Brendan Pettit
7 Figure Seller
PPC Expert
Titan Network Leader
Where is it all happening?
It’s not all about business… it’s about the experience too.
This is a premier Amazon event and as such it’s hosted in a premier venue.

Not only do we want you to leave with the newly acquired strategies that no one is talking about and lifelong business relationships…

We want this to be an experience of a lifetime...

We plan on creating long-lasting memories.

We’ve already got the content, we’ve already got the experts and now we have the place.
Venue and Details
November 8th - 9th, 2021
8:00am - 6:30pm
Networking and After party 7:00pm - Late
Margaritaville Hotel & Resort
8000 Fins Up Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34747
Event will be held in the Compass Rose North.
Get driving directions to Margaritaville Hotel & Resort

Closest Airport: Orlando International Airport
Attendees are responsible for their own accommodations. We recommend staying at (or within 10 minutes of) the Margaritaville Hotel & Resort.
Estefan’s Kitchen in Orlando
We believe networking should be done in a fun and relaxed way…

Because strong friendships are best made when having fun.

Connections with like-minded sellers and the industry experts YOU need to meet. Those working at your current level, and others who will help you level up to theirs.

We don’t just want you to meet in the conference room…

We want you to share a beer and eat fine food with your newly-acquainted business partners.

So we’re promising fine-dining, extravagant cocktails, and luxury accommodation throughout.

This is the Met Gala and Super Bowl of Amazon networking events.

No half measures and no expenses spared.
($150 OFF)
  • Access to the event
  • Networking Dinner (7th): Rock and Brew
Standard Ticket
Tickets Available
  • Access to the event
  • Networking Dinner (7th): Rock and Brew
  • Access to the event
  • Networking Dinner (7th): Rock and Brew
  • ​VIP Dinner & Party (8th) (Tropical Gala)
  • ​Closing Dinner (9th): At Estefan's Kitchen
  • ​30 day Free Trial of Titan Network
  • Access to the event
  • ​VIP Front of House Seating
  • ​Speaker Greenroom access: with refreshments and snacks
  • VIP Lunch On Both Days: With Speakers and Leaders
  • Networking Dinner (7th): Rock and Brew
  • ​VIP Dinner & Party (8th) (Tropical Gala) (Day 1)
  • Closing Dinner (9th): At Estefan's Kitchen
  • ​30 day Free Trial of Titan Network
  • VIP Exclusive Swag
IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of what is being taught in the room by Titan Leaders and our ELITE special guests, the event will not be recorded.
What People Are Saying About Our Events
Quick Recap
What FBA Live IS and is NOT
FBA Live is:
  • No-fluff, tangible, highly actionable tactics and strategies that you can implement in your business NOW
  • ​Clear and actionable strategies for what is working right NOW on Amazon
  • ​REAL collaboration, networking, and relationship-building with like minded sellers, and TRUE industry-leading Amazon experts
  • ​Direct and unfettered access to the 9 figure Amazon Elite who you can connect, discuss and strategize with about your business
  • ​Luxurious, prestigious venue that creates long-lasting memories as well as strong friendships and business partnerships
  • ​An event you walk away from knowing it’s the best business decision you’ve made in your life
  • ​Unbelievable after-parties that you will never forget
FBA Live is NOT
  • Standard, cookie-cutter, ‘corporate’ conference
  • ​Cold and grey conference rooms with awkward conversations
  • ​Bragging contest for Amazon sellers to show off how successful they are
  • ​A name-tagging, business card swapping, and ‘never call again’ networking event
  • ​Yawn-inducing, theory-filled, and unactionable power-point presentations
  • ​Business discussions held at water-coolers, coffee machines, dingy bars and sub-standard restaurants
  • ​An event where experts and keynote speakers are cordoned off like celebrities
  • ​An event that leaves you frustrated at spending the time and money to come.
REMEMBER: Due to the exclusive nature and the value being taught the event will not be recorded.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend if I am not a member of Titan Network?

YES! This event is open to ALL Sellers. We do have a couple of rules though. 1. Show up with an abundance mindset. 2. Don't be an asshole.

Will there be recordings from the event?

No. Due to the nature of what is being shared in the room, the event will not be recorded. We will be discussing tips, tricks, and strategies unknown to the "average seller". Because of this, you will be required to sign an NDA

What COVID protocols are in place? 

We take the health and wellbeing of all attendees very seriously and require all attendees to present a negative COVID test within 72 hours of registration to be allowed access to the event.

Who do I contact for support?

Samantha at [email protected]

Can I bring my business partner? 

Yes! Just chose the right ticket for that.

Is Accommodation Included?

Accommodation is not included in your ticket. However if you would like to stay with us at the Margeritaville Resport, please click the link below to book your tickets
>> Book Here

All Rights Reserved
This Event provides valuable resources and training for Amazon Sellers. Titan Network makes no claims or representations that attending this event will automatically launch your product for you. It is up to you to implement the steps and create your own success. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Titan Network. your business experience may vary based upon the effort and education of your business's employees,  management and the market forces beyond anyone's control.